State of the Housing System 2024

The State of the Housing System 2024 (report) is the first annual report of the National Housing Supply and Affordability Council (Council). It was presented to the Minister for Housing and released on 3 May 2024, as required under the National Housing Supply and Affordability Council Act 2023.

Report overview

Chapter 1 defines and describes Australia’s housing system and its key components.

Chapter 2 describes the long-term demographic, economic and policy trends that have intersected with institutional frameworks and systems to shape Australia’s contemporary housing system and housing outcomes.

Chapter 3 discusses current supply and demand conditions in the housing system and their implications for the price of housing.

Chapter 4 explains the Council’s national projections for new housing supply and demand over the next 6 years and assesses the implications for housing affordability.

Chapter 5 assesses housing affordability for households that rent in the private market or are paying off a mortgage.

Chapter 6 considers the complex and multifaceted problem of homelessness.

Chapter 7 provides information on the experiences of First Nations people in Australia’s housing system, including an outline of previous housing policies and programs which impacted First Nations people.

Chapter 8 outlines 10 areas which could improve the state of the Australian housing system.